Deciding to Sell

Often, people who decide to sell their homes underestimate the process. After all, buying the same property was easy enough. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, the selling property can be much more complicated than anticipated, smoothed only by the help of realty brokers both for the buyer and seller alike.

So much time, effort, and even emotions can go into the sale of your home, whether you were living in it or keeping it as an investment to sell for profit at a later date. This has been exacerbated since the crash of 2008. Fortunately, the market has seen a recent resurgence towards a possible recovery from 2007 highs.

Prime properties have always been a stable investment overall. What’s more, they are in the middle of a clear, consistent upswing that started around 2010-2011, according to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Reasons for Selling

There can be a wide variety of reasons for selling property. Obvious ones include a change in your workplace, making the commute to and from your current residence impractical. Similarly, a change in the place of work or school of a family member can make for a big enough reason to move house.

You may simply want a change in the neighborhood you live in, which, of course, is a significant consideration that will affect your family’s quality of life. Each community offers widely varying opportunities to suit different lifestyles, work, hobbies, entertainment, and access to different services.


This is a more significant factor than most people know. For example, did you know that you are less likely to complete a sale, get your asking price, and get interested buyers during the winter? Simply having less good light and weather makes your property look less than it’s actually worth, and people simply tend to stay home in such weather. They are much more likely to be in the mood to go house hunting in the spring.

That being said, you will also have much less competition for those in immediate need of a house in the winter. Prospective buyers generally have less time to try and bring the price down through lengthy negotiations. In the spring, more sellers on the market could push you out of the radar of buyers completely, particularly those with professional help to price their houses competitively.


This particular point can be a bit of a challenge for those not in the real estate profession. It is a delicate balance between prices that will drive potential buyers away and those that will have you getting much less than you deserve.

Pricing your property too high will usually mean it will take much longer to sell. In the meantime, maintenance and other costs pile up while you probably are not even using the place. Unless the housing market suddenly balloons again (highly unlikely), an overpriced home simply will not sell, no matter the quality, location, and condition.

We at Prime USA Realty value our relationships with both buyers and sellers, and will insist on a fair price to benefit both parties at all times.


In today’s modern world, buyers will definitely have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of listings at any given time, whether online or on paper. Studies show that attention spans are down to a few short minutes, and visuals are essential to making an impression.

There are many pictures online of properties that may seem hard to match, as they were taken by professional photographers hired by real estate brokers. However, there are many more that simply do not do justice to the home. Simply taking a few easy steps to take quality pictures will put you at an advantage over most other listings.

For Sale by Owner?

To be fair, you could sell your property at a few thousand dollars more by putting it up as “for sale by owner.” This is because you take away the commission that is charged by all brokers. This requires research on current market trends, marketing, dealing with prospective buyers, and finalizing sales with all legalities in place.

Generally, however, industry experts advise enlisting the help of a professional brokerage when selling property. The process can be very time consuming and technical, and those thinking to save some money by selling themselves often find that they actually end up spending more.

You decide whether and how much help you want when selling your home. We at Prime USA Realty are ready to do whatever we can to make the transition smooth and worry-free.