REO and Foreclosure Property Maintenance

Few were spared from the property market collapse in 2008, and Florida real estate was no exception. The sharp decline in property prices, along with a host of other economic problems meant that a staggering number of houses became subject to REO and foreclosure. While this year, real estate agents report that new foreclosures are becoming less common and home values are starting to rise. In Florida, this has mostly been limited to the most exclusive properties, leaving the rest struggling to catch up.

Zombie foreclosures?

Florida real estate tops the nationwide list for “zombie foreclosures.” This is a type of foreclosure that even the bank has abandoned as too costly to maintain. While new foreclosures were down by 53% year on year in Florida, the number of zombie foreclosures is at almost 55,000 across the state.

This puts into the spotlight the importance of REO and foreclosure property management, especially if the property remains on the real estate listings for longer periods of time. We at Prime USA Realty have certifications as a Distressed Property Expert and Equator REO. Our team of professional real estate agents are ready to help with your REO or foreclosure property management needs.

Our services

Security remains a top priority as empty homes are prime targets for B&E, especially in major cities like Orlando. We will inspect each property and apply security measures on all locks, doors, windows, and other openings according to your needs.

Lawn maintenance can easily be overlooked, leading to the property’s poor appearance. This could lead to violations in local ordinances, which could potentially lead to more problems. We can handle all lawn maintenance needs according to the specific local ordinances to which a property may be subject.

We also provide clean-out services, debris removal, and repair work as needed, including pool maintenance, as well as emergency maintenance to avoid damage to property and threats to the public. This includes testing and repair of safety systems, such as alarms and smoke detectors. We will also ensure that a property is protected from the seasons and elements.

Eviction and relocation services are also provided when needed.