For Owners

Landlords looking to rent out their property can avail of a wide range of services we offer, from handling everything and simply sending you the checks, to just helping you find a qualified tenant.

Specifically, we can start by going over your property to find and address any needed repairs or improvements. Especially if you had been living in the property or are simply used to seeing it the way it is, there can be issues that are easily overlooked but stand out to prospective tenants and drive them away. Having an outside, professional set of eyes will ensure your property stands up to the competition in the area.

Our team of experts can provide you with an in-depth analysis on the going rate for your property based on the area, type of property, and the state of the structure. We will discuss with you the ideal range for the rental rate and help you decide on the limits to set to avoid having your property sit empty for extended periods of time.

The importance of having good photographs and descriptions of your property cannot be underestimated, and our years of experience will ensure that your property puts its best foot forward. We handle everything involved in listing the property in the Multiple Listing Service and other highly effective channels for matching rental properties with tenants.

Screening possible tenants is usually a time consuming process since many ask to see the property at odd times, often just out of curiosity. Our position in the industry also aids greatly in ensuring prospective tenants are actually qualified to buy.

Once a suitable tenant is found, we can handle everything for the move-in/out, including handling utilities, a thorough inspection and any necessary repairs, and, if needed, eviction services according to state and federal law.

Collecting rent and paying for insurance, taxes, and any association fees can also be left to us. We can simply deposit the payments directly to your account and provide you with detailed income and expense statements on a regular basis.

Throughout the entire process, we will keep our lines of communication open for any updates or concerns on your part and strive to provide prompt, quality service every step of the way to ensure a hassle-free experience for landlords.